Classy Cover Band


IF you’re looking for a band that has the ability to captivate, mesmerise and get a crowd feeling the fire in their shoes, TRUVONO is certainly the band of choice!!!

Let the subtleness of a trumpet and saxophone, the sultry vibrations of the  vocalist and the sexiness of the keyboard set the tone to an unforgettable evening.

This cover band will take you from the sensual tunes of Diana Krall, Dionne Warwick, Kenny G, Carlos Santana and Helena to the party vibes of Gloria Gaynor, Johnny Nash, Adele, The Whispers and just too many artists to mention! No matter the crowd, this band is sure to give them a musical feast. With 30 years of combined experience, how can you go wrong???

So bring on the function, whether it be your 40th birthday, wedding reception or your company year end function, TRUVONO will have your guests come back to say “the music was great!!”

This versatile band’s music cuts across all genre’s and age ..


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